Rick Ross & Meek Mill Are Back Like ‘Shaq & Kobe’

Rick Ross and Meek Mill are making a triumphant return with their latest collaboration, “Shaq & Kobe,” signaling the start of their upcoming album, Too Good To Be True.

Ross, expressing confidence, remarks during an interview with Meek on Ebro Darden’s Rap Life Radio, stating, “We won already. We playing with what? The house’s money… It’s too good to be true,” alluding to the album’s title [1].

Meek reflects on the energy and motivation in the studio, emphasizing the authenticity of their collaboration. He praises Ross’s prowess, declaring him “top five dead or alive right now,” showcasing their mutual respect and admiration [1].

This anticipated project took two and a half months to create, promising fans an album fueled by genuine creative synergy