STAY WOKE: What To Listen To While You’re Waiting For Jai Paul Pt. 3: Recovery


For those of you that weren’t paying attention the first time around, elusive UK R&B songwriter/producer Jai Paul had a collection of his demos and unreleased songs that were supposedly from his upcoming debut LP on XL Recordings back in April 2013. Since then, we’re going on two years waiting for him (or his brother songwriter/producer A.K. Paul) to release new material. It speaks volumes that this man’s demo recordings have raised expectations for his project tenfold. Since those demos were wiped from Bandcamp, they’ve still managed to make a serious impression on everyone who heard them. In the interim, music fans have been patiently waiting for the Pauls to drop new music and have searched for music to listen to so as to tide them over until something comes out.

I wrote two installments of this series back in the Summer in addition to a piece about the questionable categorization of modern R&B which I enjoyed seeing reworded and written by different people over the past six months. You’re all welcome for the inspiration, by the way. In any event, I offer you a list of 10 more artists to listen to in addition to the ones I suggested in previous posts (which includes Ben Khan, Oscar Key Sung, Raleigh Ritchie, Anderson. Paak & MNEK). Hopefully, I’ve introduced you to some new favorites or mentioned several of your previous ones in this particular edition. Either way, enjoy:



Nick Hakim

The first time I heard “Where Will We Go Pt. 1” & “Where Will We Go Pt. 2” I knew that I would be including him in a future installment of my ongoing series on KillerBoomBox. I was even impressed enough to add his self released project on my Best Of 2014 list this January. You can purchase them both digitally on iTunes, Amazon (Pt.2)  or get physical copies on vinyl direct from his label Earseed Records. I’m looking forward to hearing what Nick cooks up for 2015 after finishing up his latest tour performing with How To Dress Well in the UK. Keep your ears & eyes open.




Oceaa’n first was brought to my attention shortly after I dropped What To Listen To While You’re Waiting For Jai Paul Pt. 2 back last Summer and a few readers mentioned his name to me. Oceaa’n first was brought to my attention shortly after I dropped What To Listen To While You’re Waiting For Jai Paul Pt. 2 back last Summer and a few readers mentioned his name to me. I quickly hit up his Soundcloud and I was sold on him immediately after hearing his self titled debut EP on Chess Club Records and his latest EP “The Grip”  that was released back in December. If there’s a void in your musical soul created by the absence of Jai Paul then you need to be listening to Oceaa’n.



Seven Davis Jr.

Back in late 2013, I stumbled across Seven Davis Jr.’s “One EP” which was released on Must Have Records via my Soundcloud stream. I ended up playing the “One EP” all throughout 2014 as Seven dropped mixes all over the place and did live DJ sets in addition to releasing new music with Kutmah and others. Seven’s sound jumps from straight up beats to Vocal House reminiscent of the late 80’s and early 90’s to smooth electronic Soul/R&B. His latest singles “Wild Hearts” and “Let Somebody Love You” were just released by Ninja Tune on February 9th. I’m looking forward to hearing a full length project from him in 2015.




I discovered Blackbear on Soundcloud a couple of months after I did the 2nd installment of this very series. I dug what I was hearing perusing his older recordings but it wasn’t until I heard his collaboration with 4e “Sidelines” and “idfc” that I knew that I needed to hear a full project from him soon. On Valentine’s Day he released the eye opening LP “Deadroses” which clinched my initial suspicions. You all need this album in your lives STAT as I can easily see this making my Best Of 2015 list.



Demo Taped

I first ran across Demo Taped on Hillydilly where I heard his song “I Luv U”. I ended up playing it about 10x in a row before I ultimately decided to check out his Soundcloud. It was there that I heard his brand new EP “Heart”. I know right now the Atlants R&B wunderkind everyone is going crazy over is Raury but Demo Taped has next…plus he’s only 17! I miss Jai Paul as much as the next music fan but if he stays away too much longer we might forget about him. Sampha needs to hurry the hell up too.


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I was put on to Sudie by the Miniboss herself, Rosalinda Ruiz of Computer Ugly. This Dallas product is a vocalist and a producer who makes some of the most compelling and haunting music I’ve heard over the past year. Between her spacy and ethereal tracks “Heartattack”, “The Vicious Kind”, “Spill”, “Asiasaurus” and her latest single “Bruise” which dropped a couple of weeks ago I honestly can’t wait to hear Sudie’s debut EP. The Sudie EP will be released this April on Computer Ugly. Remember her name because there’s no way in hell you’re going to forget her voice.




I became enamored with BOSCO’s NEVR produced single “Slippin'” back in late 2013 which later yielded to her follow ups “Black Book” & “MPH” in 2014. BOSCO also teamed up with producer Treasure Fingers to drop the House inspired single “Names” on Fool’s Gold. Her latest release is the sexy, bass heavy offering “CAM4U” produced by Sene which raises anticipation for her upcoming solo project in 2015. Don’t sleep.




I first discovered Kehlani through the Twitter feed of members of Soulection who posted individual songs of hers. I then heard her debut EP “Cloud 19” and came away extremely impressed. The last time I can remember stumbling onto a Soundcloud project that caught me as quickly was back when I was put onto Doja Cat via a random link RT’d tweet on my timeline. Recently Kehlani just toured the country with G-Eazy and she dropped the People’s Eyebrow raising video for her single “First Position”. It’s safe to say Kehlani is going to stay on my radar for years to come. I look forward to hearing what she’ll come up with in 2015.



Snoh Aalegra

Snoh Aalegra is signed to No ID’s ARTium imprint on Def Jam but I regard her as an indie artist since she doesn’t exactly fit into the mainstream R&B mold at all. She’s not a part of ARTium’s Cocaine 80’s collective but her music actually still meshes well with that outfit. Her EP “There Will Be Sunshine”  which dropped last November answered any questions regarding if she could carry her own project. Her voice is perfectly suited for whatever No ID or James Fauntleroy can produce for her in the near future. I feel like too many people are sleeping on her even though she already has a major label situation in place and a great team/producer/mentor in place. Cut that shit out.



Camille Safiya

Camille Safiya was one of the artists chosen to open for Talib Kweli at Boston Hip Hop Fest this past Summer which made me seek out her music to find out who she was for myself. My introduction to her music was the impressive collaborative project with producer Frankie P called ISLAND BLUES | Sonic Memoirs”Camille Safiya then followed that up with the release of her recent project “24K” which further cemented the fact that she was a musical force to contend with going forward. Don’t forget her name.

Well, there’s another 10 artists to help you get over your grief surrounding the fact Jai Paul still hasn’t put out any new music. I’ll do a fourth installment of this ongoing series as soon as some of this snow around me begins to finally melt. Also listen to Lion Babe, JMSN, Rochelle Jordan, AlunaGeorge, Ella Eyre, Silk Rhodes, Rainy Milo and numerous other artists I’m going hold off on posting about until the Spring. Be on the lookout for it.