Future Sounds Makes Its #KBX Debut


Welcome to the debut of Future Sounds, my weekly column on KillerBoomBox.com. Some of you may know me already but some of you may not. My name is Malc aka MUSICisforLIFE aka the Black Ryan Gosling. As my moniker states, I can’t live without music. Hip-Hop has my heart but I enjoy all types of music. In a past life I was the Urban Program Director for three years at WERS 88.9FM in Boston, one of the oldest and most successful college radio stations in America, where I got to live music 24/7. But enough about me, let’s get back to the why you’re here.

So I guess you’re wondering why this column is called Future Sounds and why you should even check for it. Well the answer to that is simple. Late last year, during another brief hiatus from struggle rap, my friend Sammi put me on to a radio show based in Cali called Soulection. She kept raving about how talented that crew was and I trust her opinion so I checked it out. I checked out one of their radio shows on SoundCloud and I was instantly hype! This whole culture of talented producers creating their own versions of popular songs and often making them better was a phenomena that often eluded me. As a kid perusing hip-hop forums, I HATED dj mashups with a passion. The kind of hate that Meek Mill has for Wale or the type Chief Keef seems to have for our eardrums. But this was different. Everything that they played was so smooth and futuristic (hence Soulection’s tagline “The Sound of Tomorrow”). The best thing about this was the fact that each show had a playlist so you could find these producers on sound cloud and follow them directly. It was a system of music discovery I was never exposed to. It was amazing. Since then I’ve been hooked on this future sound. I started researching other radio shows that play this music and stumbled upon Complexion’s “Future Beats Show”, DJ Scorpion’s “Souletiquette” radio show, Grumby’s “Hlaf Bad Radio” and more! So to put it frankly, I’m here to introduce you to some new shit and inspire you to discover more and share it.

These days I find myself listening to less and less hip-hop and more of this future sound. I still got love for my roots but I seem to be a disloyal hoe when it comes to Hip-Hop. But as my taste in music grows, so does my need to share it. With all the music that comes out every day, it’s so hard to keep up. Now the music you’ll see in this weekly article might be different from what you’re used to listening to but that’s a good thing. There’s something fun and natural about the future sound that other genres can’t match at the moment. But don’t get me wrong, you will see hip-hop, r&b, and dance music in this column but it’s been re-imagined in a new way. So without any further ado, let’s get into the jams b.

In “Future Sounds Vol. 1” I have…

…remixes of joints from Wiz Khalifa, Usher, Corinne Bailey Rae, Amerie, PartyNextDoor, Little Dragon, MNEK, & Gold Link…

…and production from Louis Futon, Foisey, seta., Aldo, Sevnth Wonder, & more!

Stream “Future Sounds Vol.1” below and check the playlist on Sound Cloud HERE so you can start your own music discovery! See y’all next week tho.

Not every dope song can make it into the playlist so definitely follow me on social media at @MusicisforLIFE on Twitter and Instagram for more Future Sounds.