#FutureSounds: The Best Podcasts for Music Discovery + Future Sounds Vol. 2


There is no better feeling than finding a new song or artist that you love. It’s like when the shorty you been chasing hits you with the “Good Morning” text for the first time (Victory). But anyway, let’s isolate that exciting feeling of discovering something new that will be your audio obsession for the next few days, weeks, etc. I often now find myself rewarded with this feeling every week and because I am such a nice guy, I have to decided to share my wealth. I have highlighted some of my favorite shows on SoundCloud that I use for music discovery. The best part about these shows is that they all come complete with full playlists to aid your music discovery needs.

1. Soulection


As I told you guys last week, the Soulection radio show put me on to the future sounds genre. This weekly radio show/podcast used to broadcast out of the radio station at Cal State Long Beach but has recently moved over to Rinse FM. Rinse FM is a premiere radio station in London. Hosted by Joe Kay, the Soulection radio show gives listeners 3 hours of the best music from future sounds, neo-soul, hip-hop, and R&B. Soulection is not only a radio show but a record label with its own roster of DJs and producers. This show is at the forefront of the future beats movement. Check out Soulection –> https://soundcloud.com/soulection


2. The Future Beats Show



Broadcasting Sunday nights from London’s Westside FM, Future Beats selector Complexion blesses listeners with the best in new R&B and Future Sounds for almost two hours. This show is definitely more catered to the R&B audience as there is a cautionary section of every show where he advises you not to text your ex. TFBS just had it’s one year anniversary and the sky is the limit. With the recent launch of Future Beats Records, Complexion is only gaining more momentum and expertise in the future sounds category. Look out for some really great projects coming from him and his team soon. Check out The Future Beats Show –> https://soundcloud.com/complexion

3. Soul Etiquette



The Soul Etiquette radio show is a weekly two hour show based in Dublin, Ireland and play a very eclectic mix of future sounds, r&b, & more. Started by Dj Scorpio, Leo, & the Soul Etiquette Queen, this show is a go-to for some of the smoothest new music out. It’s the type of show you put on when you want to invite bae over for a night in. This show also stands out due to the great selection of guest DJs that they have bless the show. Past guest DJs include Mincha, Duncan Gerow, El. Train & more.

Check out Soul Etiquette  –> https://soundcloud.com/souletiquette

4. The Soul Diaries



London-based DJ & radio personality, Nikita, takes you on a weekly journey through soul’s past, present, and future. Her diverse selection of soul music mixed in with some hip-hop and electronic really keeps her listener’s ears open for rare tracks. Broadcasted on two stations in London, The Soul Diaries has been growing tremendously in the past year and I’m excited to see how far Nikita takes it. If she’s half as smooth as her music taste is, then my guess is pretty far.

Check out The Soul Diaries –> https://soundcloud.com/nikitachauhan


To Get you ready for the weekend, please enjoy some new future sounds…