DON’T SLEEP: KBX x The Cuffington Post presents The Official 2014-15 Cuffing Season Schedule [EVENT]


The first cuts of Cuffing Season were due on the 29th but some of y’all were playing around because it was so nice out last weekend you lost your focus. After two straight rainy days and being forced to dig into your closets for Fall gear I bet you’re all sorry now, huh? Since we’re only two weeks away from opening day it’s important that we share with you all the official 2014-15 Cuffing Season Schedule. It’s important that everyone is on e the same page for one and it’s understood what we’re all up against as the weather changes and before the snow comes.  The first real test of Cuffing Season 2014-15 is, of course, Thanksgiving (or as CS participants refer to it: Cuffsgiving). This is when it gets stressful for those of us that aren’t already booed up who are participating. For that reason, Dart Adams in the league office made 10 day contracts available as early as November 24th so if things didn’t work out following Thanksgiving? No harm, no foul and everyone goes their separate ways. The visiting family aspect of Thanksgiving is often the most stressful part, especially if travel is involved (not to mention familial pressure & scrutiny)…

The stretch of Christmas (AKA Cuffmas or even Sexmas based on your individual Game Modes) to New Year’s Cuffin’ Eve can be even more of a stressor. In previous years, 10 day contracts weren’t available until December 23rd. Dart Adams maintained that was too short notice and that is one hell of a stretch to have to evaluate a budding relationship so it should moved up. The next hurdle of the new year is Valentine’s Day which happens during Cuffing Season All Star Weekend in Manhattan & Brooklyn. If you opt to take a break during the stretch to preserve the relationship or stay together and weather the storm of fuckery that’s no doubt about to ensue between February 13th-15th then that is your individual prerogative. Although New York is the City That Never Sleeps people tend to sleep with each other quite a bit there. Especially during the All Star Weekend. If you’ve decided to stay together? All Cuffing Season contracts are guaranteed through to the end of the season. If you’ve decided to split up or pursue other options the Cuffing Season Trade Deadline is at 9 PM EST on February 19th, 2015. No sense in wasting anymore time with someone that you can’t see yourself with through a patch of temptation, after all. Trust and honesty in a relationship is key.

March is the month where the snow begins to melt and the weather gets warmer. The entire dynamic of Cuffing Season shifts. That’s why March 1st is the Postseason Eligibility Waiver Deadline, you have until then to find the people you’re going to ride out through the postseason with…provided you made it to the postseason, that is. Two weeks later is the Sunday Selection Show for March Madness, this is when it’s decided who is going to be matched up together to attempt to make it all the way to June and the end of Cuffing Season. Cuffing Season ends on June 15th and postseason awards are given out. After the season is over you can opt to be free or choose to stay together. If you stay together through the summer and into the beginning of Cuffing Season then you are no longer participating. You are now officially in a relationship. Congratulations.

Although people often talk about Cuffing Season, few actually define it or talk about it in real detail. Here on KillerBoomBox we’re looking forward to addressing and discussing the trials, tribulations, travails, situations, options and many possible outcomes of this stretch of months. Also, we want to provide content that helps people navigate what can be a stressful and trying time for people looking to find someone. If we can aid Cuffing Season participants to have fun and engage in healthy relationships while avoiding either heartbreak or bullshit in the guise of jerks or disingenuous people then that’s even better. Look out for articles, video content and podcasts from us over @ The Cuffington Post until June 2015. Let’s have fun with this, folks…

Dart Adams,

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