The Dance Party Where Your Cannabis Trash Gets You Raffle Tickets

(From our collaborative partnership with the good people from Talking Joints Memo)

Cannalive Genetics has been making waves since its early beta crops broke the 40% TAC threshold last year.

And while Mass consumers are still waiting for the Holyoke-based craft cultivation to drop its debut flower—they’re hoping to officially launch sometime in February—the company is already leaning into a statewide community outreach effort.

Though Cannalive’s high-potency triumph had the local weed world in a jealous tizzy, the brand’s CEO Todd Dahn isn’t going for the shock and awe approach to marketing. A longtime music industry behind-the-scenes guy, his avenue instead has been to tap into the talent of New England’s artists and musicians.

One aspect of that strategy will be collaborative flower drops, like Cannalive’s GLD LPH strain in partnership with the seminal Boston hip-hop group STL GLD. And starting on Feb. 3 at the Rockwell in Somerville’s Davis Square, along with Lifted Smoking Goods, they will be hosting monthly Slap House funk and disco parties on the first Saturday of each month (except for June, since Dahn said there’s already so much going on for Pride).

“We will always feature DJs from either communities of color, LGBTQ communities, or women to make sure that we are giving the spotlight to people who are often ignored in these spaces,” Dahn said. The first installment will feature rare grooves by 1-800-SHORT-KING.

But wait, there’s more! For every piece of weed trash you bring, they will give you a ticket for their raffle. Bring 10 tubes, four Mylars, and a dozen empty dab cans, and you’ll get 26 chances to win a prize.

“I feel it’s important to do the recycling to get out in front of the environmental impact that Cannalive Genetics is going to have with its packaging so that we have a positive impact at launch,” Dahn said.

“We are starting with $100 for the raffle, but as the company grows, the raffle will grow as well.”

Get tickets for Slap House here