WHOOOOSHOUSE: Where’s The Hip Hop?

The game is definitely changing. But does that change include a fall off of Hip Hop’s chart dominance? Or is it that the fan needs to dig a little deeper for it? This past April’s second week could be sign. In Digital Sales, Hip Hop Only accounts for 3 titles inside the Top 20, which are Dr. Dre “I Need a Doctor”, Lupe Fiasco “Show Goes On”, Wiz Khalifa “Roll Up” and if you want to count Jeremih “Down On Me” which includes a verse from 50 Cent then we can say its 4 records inside the Top 20 and they are all formatted for Crossover Rhythmic purposes. Jeremih/50 Cent “Down On Me” is a top 10 charted Urban record that Crossed over and remains #1 at Rhythmic in its 6th straight week. If you follow me on twitter (@davehouseoutlaw), I pointed out that this is an interesting case study on Hip Hop & where it stands amongst the Digital and Top 200 charts, especially when you can account that the Hip Hop records inside the Top 200 of the Digital Downloads are all radio friendly records. The top 3 inside the Top 20 which are all outside the Top 10, are all Rhythmic or Top 40 formatted records, asking the question of “Where’s the Hip Hop”???

Hip Hop Music has moved from the clubs, radio, these charts, & lives on the internet & sattelite. The die hard Hip Hop fan now must seek his or her favorite Hip Hop on the internet similar to the Hip Hop fan of the early 80s when he or she searched for that signal on the radio dial at 2 in the morning. In the vain of fixing your aerial to get a good picture of Video Music Box or illegal cable that brought you The Box Music Television You Control by default, a Hip Hop fan must put effort into his or hers search for Hip Hop. The internet is the answer to that search. Now its time to convince the Hip Hop fan to trust into the internet more than just browsing and build a sense of pride into supporting Hip Hop Music by purchasing, This will be one of many ways for Hip Hop to compete with other genres of music inside the Top 200 Digital Charts.

My book #StreetRulesintheOffice is in progress right now as we speak. Stay Tuned, I’ll let you know when you’ll get your copy.

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