WHOOOOSHOUSE: Thinking Outside The Box

by Dave House

Everyone on this site is familiar with the unrest occurring in the Middle East. For those that are unaware or may not keep up with current worldly events, the unrest in the Middle East stems from a desire for change in the regime that rules the land. Young people are rebelling against the people in power that are used to ruling the land verses the obvious uplift of technology and living conditions of the land that everyday young working people experience today. The younger generation have went to the best schools & travelled abroad to learn an abundance of languages, just to to return home to drive taxi cabs. The political people in power remain in office, since the same young people been in kindergarten, and are still celebrating winning the revolution from the 80s while remaining unaware that blackberries and facebook and twitter connects the average citizen in their land with the world. Enter the Corporate Music Industry: a business known for capitalizing on the latest trends which bring forths new concepts, new ideas which breeds new executives the Music game has come to a standstill since the late 90s to 2000s. Run by Music Executives celebrating success of the late eighties early 90s, the people in power of the music game are used to making money a certain way while the young hard working intern to assistant to fill in mixshow dj still waits for his shot to come forth with a new idea or concept to make money. The intern, fill in mixshow dj, and assistants rebellion solution is to go to the internet directly and conjure up a concept, marketing plan, or fanbase going outside the business model of the traditional music industry, that the Music Executive from the celebatory 80s & 90s still follows, because thats the way they are used to making money. What does the struggling Middle Eastern college grad & the hungry, on the come up industry person have in common? They both understand the concept of the internet and its communication powers that can be used to shape a new landscape in their respective entities, both fighting the outdated concepts and ideaologies of the todays leaders who won’t relinquish power. The rebels of the Middle East are burning down buildings and gathering at squares, ain’t no executive assistant trying to rally around Warner or Hot 97 calling for the chair of Lyor Cohen or the time slot of Flex.

The Music Industry must fight the system by not being shook to use the internet as they block, they own corner to hustle on and getting their numbers up. Don’t get caught up in the major label standards of numbers where if it ain’t gold or platinum is nothing. Or if your market aint Miami, its nothing, or if you got 3 comments on your blog, its nothing. Get your numbers up. I rather have 50 people in my club popping bottles than 500 people buying drinks. We all have twitter followers, facebook pages, some still have myspace followers, we have over 1800 people in our contacts in our handheld at average and we all have ideas. Lets get our numbers up using the internet that will force a rebellion similar to your counterparts that are losing their lives in Middle Eastern countries for change. Lose Yourself from Eminem (my first record I worked to mixshow along with Wanksta) was a record that directly reflected my attitude at the time I entered this business. Play that track back put yourself in the shoes of a college graduate in the Middle East that is armed headed for war for his freedom to live comfortably.

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