by Dave House (@DaveHouseOutlaw)

We, in Hip Hop, are always saying Big Up to the Haters, or I would like to acknowledge the haters. I suggest that if we acknowledge haters we MUST acknowledge the YES MAN. In my opinion, the Yes Man is more dangerous than the Hater. The Yes Men will never be honest or courageous enough to tell us when we are doing something wrong. If the yes man was a dj, for the right price, the yes man will play “Do the Grand Wizard” from KKK Music Group on Malcolm X’s birthday at a club in Harlem. If the Yes Man is in the artist entourage, the Yes man will have the artist outside with his pants down nervous and in a tight situation, if the yes man’s paycheck depended on it. Moral of the story is, for the years I’ve seen the hater graduate from being the “Playerhater” and morphing into a cancer that will ruin Hip Hop that clearly blocks options for Hip Hop Fans. Fans must like what the majority likes (Yes Men) or stand out (Haters). It is clear that the word HATE, today, means to have total disregard for honest opinion. This creates a formatted culture that won’t allow the artist, the dj, the fan, and everyone else to be themselves. This allows music trends to stick to ONE FORM, leaving no room for diversity and creativity.

Hip Hop Music Should not be treated like its a voter registration, a political campaign trail for artist that need votes on Tuesday (album release day), or the culture should not be treated as if to say the fans and the dj’s can only have one option. I grew up in a time where I can be from the East Coast and still rap NWA while my classmates were into Rakim and the Juice Crew. At the time they was Nice & Smooth, De La Soul, Geto Boys, and a host of ther rappers and options to choose from that every one’s sound was dope in its own unique fashion. Today, every rapper pops bottles in the club, has exotic women, smokes the finest weed, and has all the money that can balance the economy. In addition, every rapper harmonizes tunes so the ladies can groove to it to the point where even the ladies is asking where are the real men, and the real music. We came a long way since “Ain’t No Fun If the Homeys can’t Have None”.

If there hasn’t been a better time to break new music its now. Why because what makes the DJ unique is his own individuality. If everyone is playing the same record, then how is the DJ in California different from the DJ in New York. Why should the audience go to your club when I went to the same club last week and its the same records the dj is playing. Why should the audience bother to listen to the radio when Pandora they can become their own radio station, like they have done with the ipod. The only reason why Radio will still be around is because radio can always “fall back” and scream “Community awareness” we are for people engaging with people. But in reality today’s radio station only cares about advertisers who spend the money and the community is considered “numbers” not people.

All this to say, If we are going to acknowledge Haters, we must equally call for the downfall of the Yes Men. The man who actually supports you to the point where they are not honest enough to give you an opinion that may enhance your career. Yes Men are the reason why rappers have to sing now and have cornball hooks for choruses which leaves nothing artistic comes from the heart genuinely. PT Barnum, of the famed Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, said that profit can be made when you capitalize on the ignorance of your audience. Once the audience start talking like how I’m typing, that means they caught on and are not ignorant anymore which will hurt all of our pockets. Lets capitalize by remaining innovative and shoot down the Hater and the Yes Men….. #Outlaw



“Apply Street Rules In the Office”



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