Ask Arie – How Do I Get DJ’s To Play My Music?

Yo Arie, I’ve been pushing my music to local DJs in my city. It’s been somewhat helpful but now I feel like I’m beginning to spin my wheels. Would you suggest I start contacting DJs nationally? – Mike

Ummm yeah Mike you think?! [giggles] As an indie artist you NEVER miss an opportunity to network with people as influential as DJs, NO MATTER where they are. You should’ve been Z-sharing, send spacing (or what ever those file sharing services are called) distant DJs from day one. It never hurts searching for new outlets while building your local fan base and network.

Just remember it’s very important to avoid spamming; especially if you’re fortunate to link with DJs that actually have the clout to help introduce you to the masses via their mix-tapes, blogs, radio mixes and so on.

So get networking, start compiling a detailed list of DJs [I recommend excel or other spreadsheet format for easy organization] and it’s important to make sure the DJs you’re contacting are spinning, scratching and Serato-ing, in whatever genre of music you spit, rap, sing or mine. It would be totally pointless to submit a hip hop track to a rock DJ that specializes in techno… [laughing] Yeah, doing that would make just as much sense as that last sentence. – Best of luck!

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