Ask Arie (@leirapr_ceo): All eyes on me?

“I’m a pretty talented illustrator/animator/digital artist residing in the  southeast. I wanted to know what would be the best course of action to gaining  more nat’l attention/publicity/recognition/work for what i do? I have a nice  modest following, but i know i could have a much greater impact (i even have a  manager, although i will be seeking a new one when our contract is up at the end  of the year).” – Aaron A.

Hi Aaron, I’ve had a chance to review some of  your work online and I will agree that you are talented. However, a major step  you need to take is updating your website and all online outlets. As you know  be-it via your current manager, a personal reference and/or simple due  diligence; when people or companies are looking for talent such as yours the  first place they go is to a website for sample art/portfolios etc.

This  brings me to step 2 – redesign your site in a format that best displays  additional information about you, your work, Bio/CV, News, reviews and write-ups  (where applicable) and so on. If you and your manager aren’t sure how to set up  such a site google is an amazing tool that will show you what like minded artist  are doing to present their art and information to the world. Here is a random  website belonging to a digital artist that I found online, that is a good  example of a simple yet detailed site:

In closing,  keeping an up-to-date and well organized website shows the world that you take  what you do serious. Once you have taken care of your site you will have an  excellent platform in which to network and solicit new projects and equally as  important media interest – which leads to solidifying your brand, more public  acclaim, money, and so on. You know all the things we work so hard for that make  it easy to do what we love for a living! A goal of yours, I’m sure.

Great  luck with your ventures and I’m confident that once you complete these two  simple tasks you will find that more doors begin to  open.

Sidebar: A manager is NOT an Agent or Publicist. I  would look into actually acquiring those two key people as well. More so an  Agent first, PR will come further down the line.