Ask Arie – Should I still submit CDs and press kits?

Arie, I feel like my music is getting buried in the virtual piles of emails submitted to music editors. Is it still acceptable to submit hard materials such as CDs, and physical press kits?- f.c.

In one word YES!!!!…. However, with 90something percent of popular media being independent and some even being run out of America’s dorm rooms and in the basements of some very understanding parents [laughing] it may be difficult to locate a physical mailing address to submit your material(s) to.

Yes, I said it! Despite the flash and popularity, there’s a good chance your favorite music/video site is maintained in the comfort of someones home. At least until they get their numbers up and sold to a larger commercial multimedia conglomerate [laughing]… Nothing like the entrepreneurial spirit- Anyways, I digress.

For those publications that publicly list their mailing address or P.O. Box, definitely submit your QUALITY music and non-spam promos. Heck, some even though not widely publicized… prefer it and I think you may have a better chance of getting your music heard as long as it’s not on cassette [wink].

Who knows you may also grab some extra consideration points, cause it takes more effort to package and pay for postage then it does to click a button. There’s almost something slightly humbling about receiving an artists CD in the mail; ask any editor that’s normally bombarded by a virtual sea of spam.
What say you music editors? Let me know.

Good luck!

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