Ask Arie – How Do I Keep It Real AND Professional

I’ve received responses from emails I send out saying that my approach is ghetto. Man, I’m just trying to get my music heard, what do you suggest? – Jo Dee

[laughing] Ghetto may be a little harsh. However, it is very important to approach people [especially if you don’t know them] in a professional manner.

Let’s slip on our common-sense fitted caps shall we….

In my opinion, the best way to approach people [media etc.] is to step into their shoes. Imagine being an editor or program director who receives 100’s of emails a day, from talented people such as yourself looking to have their music posted or played. Now, imagine every other email is “Yo check my new sh*t out” or my personal favorite “You might wanna f*ck with me, I’m that n*gga”…

PAUSE followed by a [blank stare]

Oh and we definitely can’t forget the random single link email. You know what I’m talking about. An email with just a link and no additional information. Really??? Let’s be real your email and “hot sh*t” is going straight into the trash and you may now possibly be marked as SPAM.

My advice… Keep it simple stupid! Sorry, I mean short and to the point. Here’s a few pointers to help you look like you know what you’re doing and be taken serious.

1. Dear Editor or Program Director [If you don’t know the name of the person being contacted]
2. Introduce yourself and the reason for the email.
3. If you’re promoting a project tell a little bit about it. [Keep it SHORT]
4. Enclose a “share” link (in the email body) avoid sending music as an attachment, unless requested. This keeps things all in one neat presentation.
Plus most outlets prefer this format.
5. Leave your contact information.
6. Thank the receiver for taking the time to read your email.
7. Sign “Sincerely, _____________” <------ place your name here 8. SPELL CHECK 9. Press send There are never any guarantees in public relations, but one thing I know for sure. Following these steps will get your foot in the "door", email acknowledged and possibly the coverage you’re seeking. -- Let me know how you make out!
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