Ask Arie: How Do I Get My Music On TV?

Peace Ari, I hear a lot of indie music on reality T.V. shows. I don’t have a publicist, but want to submit my music. How should I do this? – Miller

Isn’t reality TV amazing and mind numb-ingly addictive all at the same time. Anyways, there are a few things to remember when submitting. ..

For starters find out who the music supervisor is for the program you are interested in and if they accept unsolicited material. Many studios and large production companies don’t. Once the submission guidelines have been established, continue with your due diligence and make sure you’re targeting the right show for your style of music, its demographic etc. You don’t want to send Disney a track that’s perfect for the next generation of “Menace to Society”.

It’s also important to remember, just like other media, these music supervisors receive hundreds of packets a week so you want to keep your submissions organized, direct and to the point. In this case I’d suggest submitting all your material via old fashion snail mail with your music on a CD accompanied by an organized (easy to read) track list and all artist information. Labeling each track is very important.

After submitting everything it’s always good (and deemed appropriate) to confirm receipt of material. I’d suggest via email. Don’t call or stalk [laughing]. Once you know your material has been received, go about your life. In television once you’re in their system if they want or need your music, they’ll pull it and notify you.
There are never any guarantees that your music will get picked and placed, but submitting your material definitely increases your chances.

Also REMEMBER: Clearance problems are always an issue (i.e. rights to music, actual ownership etc.) Make the publishing and master info as noticeable as possible, especially if you control both.
Good luck!

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