Ask Arie: How can I make my free projects turn a profit?

Q: Arie, Is there a way to turn a profit with “free” projects? – S.M.

A: Short and sweet…. Yes, absolutely, especially in this day and age. The internet has created so many different ways to achieve profit from free projects, events etc.
First and foremost you must establish a fan-base or give possible supporters access to projects via an interactive, easily navigate-able website or blog, and use social media ( i.e. Twitter, Facebook and Myspace) etc. to your advantage. People like supporting what they have a connection with.
Once there’s consistent traffic to those sites and a solidified following all you have to do is provide a project that can be branded or is marketable. This means creating QUALITY……
Next jump-start a campaign which entails giving something away for free that people will be interested in. If satisfied 9 times out of 10 they will purchase other things you put out and increase public awareness, CD, digital album and concert ticket revenue. Cha Ching!!!

Good Luck!

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