Ask Arie – Are Music Festivals A Good Look?

I notice there are tons of music festivals during the summer. I was thinking about signing up for a few, do you think this will be a good look?- James

Absolutely, for the most part participating in events such as music festivals can be very beneficial to unsigned artists. Especially, those [reputable/established] held annually. These events unlike your local bi-monthly neighborhood show cases have people worth networking with. [no disrespect, but let’s be real on the legitimacy and effectiveness of most “promoter” backed talent shows]

BUT, there are so many festivals out here; I highly suggest doing your due diligence aka homework first. It’s important to review the requirements and statistics for each festival as they all differ from one and other. Some things to check:

1. The festival(s) have a category for your genre of music.
2. Level of experience each festival expects all entering participants to have.
3. Age restrictions (Some festivals are held in locations that may not allow anyone under 18 or 21 years of age)
4. FEES… Many festivals have registration fees (Monies to be paid for participation)
5. Sponsors. Usually when events have big name/corporate sponsors it’s a hint on the type of crowd the event may attract and possible event size.

These are just a few examples of what to look for.

With proper preparation, artists may use music festivals as their own mini tour [laughing] Seriously! Think about it, you save money on marketing (festivals have great marketing campaigns and once you’re on the upcoming roster, you become included in all the promo for that year’s event). You travel the country introducing your music to new fans, and have the opportunity to network with people that may be influential in the advancement of your career etc. [IDK just a thought] the possibilities are endless. Anyways….

Here are a few of my top festival picks —- Good Luck and get moving!!!

A3c Festival (Atlanta)::Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (New York)::Trinity International Hip Hop Festival (Connecticut)::Paid Dues Festival (San Bernandino, CA)::Portland Oregon Hip-Hop Festival (Portland, Oregon)::The Hip Hop Theatre Festival (Washington DC)::Manifesto Hip Hop Festival (Toronto, Canada):: Audiotistic Festival (San Bernardino, CA)::Cypress Hill Smokeout (San Bernardino, CA)::Hip Hop 360 – Canada Festival (Ottawa, Canada)::Rock the Bells (Los Angeles, CA)::Pitch Fork Music Festival (Chicago, IL)

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