The Lost DJ Chubby Chub Interview

Here’s the raw footage from my interview with DJ Chubby Chub (@DJ_CHUBBY_CHUB), Program Director of Boston’s new Hot 97. I did this in Fall ’09. In the wake of my talk with Rakim (which we will post soon), I figured I’d let this one live too. I’m working on getting more for the new year. Hopefully my on-camera game will improve. Cross your fingers.

Anyway, we talked about everything from his international touring (djing with Kelis on the Britney Spears tour) to Boston’s artists. I had my man Joe Politics on the camera, as Chub just kept it all the way 100. We basically went in on everything. The camera work was a little shaky but it was mos def a good conversation.

I had to make up for all that extra R&B earlier. HA!