Stu Cat: The Cat’s Out The Bag

….& he plans to take the hip hop scene by storm. KBB had the chance to sit down & chop it up with Leedz Edutainment artist Stu Cat. Having “100% Thug” tatted across his abdomen, the Miami born artist shows nothing but southern hospitality. Struggling with adversity is nothing new to this man, and in the end, it’s the realness he puts into his lyrics that will help him climb the industry latter.

Who is Stu Cat?

Stu Cat is somebody that really grind and really hustled to get this far. My journey, I had to find out
the reasons to work with a team, and once I found that out, I’m like okay I’m with a team, but is this team good for me? Am I working with the right team? This music business is about working with the right people. If you’re not working with the right people, I’m sorry but “birds of a feather, flock together.” So if you’re looking to be a good artist, you want to work with good people. I don’t think anybody is looking to be a “bad artist”, but some people are in their own right; which is whatever. But me, I want to be in it for the longevity. I see myself as a household name in the music industry. I’m originally from Miami, but Boston’s a second home to me. I’ve been in Boston ever since 2001. So Stu Cat is somebody who is a full fledge hustler. I’m going to do what it takes to get me where I need to be. No if, and’s, or but’s about it.

When did your love for music begin?

My love for music began when I was in middle school. I spit my first rhyme, it was to Jack and the Bean Stock [laughs]. It was for a school play. I didn’t make the play, but a friend of mine remembered the rhyme, and he let my teacher know, and he spit it, everybody loved it. He’s my good friend til this day.

So where does your sound originate from?

My sound originates from my experience, more so than where I’m from. Somebody once said you can hear the influences from where I’ve been. I’ve been through Maryland, Miami, Atlanta,
Cali, Montana, Boston, New York. So people say I have more of an east coast-southern style, verses a southern-east coast style. So my music is very diverse in the delivery.

How would you describe, “The Cat’s Out the Bag?” Does it convey a certain message?

Yes it does! For me, it conveys that I’m working with the right people nowadays. I’m on Leedz
Edutainment, Leedz manages me first hand, and “The Cat’s Out the Bag” relays that. As far as multi-million dollar producers that appreciate my family and put forth the effort to work with me on this album, Matty Trump to name one. We’re basically growing. I’m basically growing as an artist, and “The Cat’s Out the Bag” is something that relates to my growth. I’m finally free, I finally can do
what I need to do, I can finally head towards the music industry, and that’s why the cat’s out the bag.

How would you categorize “The Cat’s Out the Bag?” Is it mainly hip-hop or is it inspired by any other genre?

“The Cat’s Out the Bag”, I’d say, is definitely inspired by pop music. Today’s music industry, you have
to be able to blend in and cross over. People have a problem with crossing over. With pop, there’s nothing wrong. Taylor Swift does country music but she can cross over to pop. I say Taylor Swift because I love her music. To categorize my mixtape, I’d have to say its hip-hop. I wouldn’t be doing
hip-hop, if I wasn’t hip-hop. My music can help you down the street, no matter where you are. I can get somebody from the ages of 15 to 50, because if you listen to my music, it’s very positive.

So what are your favorite tracks on the album?

There’s 19 tracks, I’d have to say I love tracks 1 through 19 [laughs]. All jokes aside, my favorite
track is the first one Feed Me Ghetto. It’s self-explanatory and there’s so much emotion in that track. I have a track on there with Young Buck that I like, and another one that I love is Killer’s Aim. Killer’s Aim just flows right. It’s all hip hop, you hear my situation on there, you here my delivery
on there, and it’s witty.

Are there any independent artists that inspire you?

Most definitely. All of them! All the hustlers out there inspire me to do what I need to do, just how intern I inspire them to do what they need to do. If you look at the artists that take
this serious, it’s hard work every day. Whether you’re getting paid or not getting paid, it’s hard work every day and a constant grind. You gotta keep grinding. Kanye West keeps putting music out. Jay-Z keeps putting music out. Labels keep putting artist on. It’s a constant grind. If you don’t grind, you don’t eat. So all these hustlers inspire me.

What can people expect from you?

People can expect great music from me. People can expect me not to be the type of artist that keeps
everything to himself. From my music, you’re gonna hear a lot of new artist. You’re gonna hear a lot of artist from other genre’s working with me. That’s just me. Like I said, I’m inspired day to day by the hustlers. Anybody that I see that I relate to, I want to dig deep into who they are. I want to dig deep
into their whole mind frame, their whole psych, their whole aura. I love creating, I’m a creator. I’m a musician. My whole thing is basically building. I love to make great music. So people can expect great music from me.

You’ve open for Big Sean, in his video, “My Last”, he showcased his evolution within a 5 year span, where do you expect to be in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I definitely expect to be heavy in the game, in the music industry. I think Stu Cat is gonna be one of those names that you can put right up there with the whole Young Money roaster. I’m gonna have a good movement. I’m gonna have a real good movement in the next 5 years. The next 6 months I should be heavy in the game. I should be mentioned more. You’re gonna be hearing way more from Stu Cat in the next 5 years. Just look out for great music with Stu Cat on some of your
favorite artist tracks. Entertainment is something that I want to be in. This music industry opens doors for movies, everything. I was the first black Santa Claus at my elementary school. I’m a well known actor I should say [laughs]. But all jokes aside, in the next 5 years look for Stu Cat to be heavy in the

To wrap it up, where can the people reach you?

You can Google me: Stu Cat. That’s gonna take you to Ya’ll look out for, that’s coming. You can reach me on and I’m heavy on
Facebook. I’m a social person! I’m heavy on Facebook, ReverbNation, shout out to them, and you can reach me on EarLinxs. EarLinxs is a new site made by a hard working young man. He’s from Brooklyn based in Atlanta now. Dude isn’t even 30 yet and he works so hard. It’s really the only site that caters to all genres of up and coming artist, such as myself, Big Sean, who’s already
basically established. It caters to artist of all genres, you go on that site, you’ll see people in rock, people from everywhere. I’m here, just hit the net, surf it, put in Stu Cat and your gonna pull me up. Shout out to KillerBoomBox!