Rising Artist “Craigy F” Tells His Story


Tucked in Connecticut’s backyard is a small town of New London. With about 27,000 people, the coastal city invites its visitors with a welcoming community and a popular “Bank” street.

Art is well showcased throughout the small city. Murals are painted on the side walls all throughout and small art stores sneak into corner locations downtown. Bars have stages to perform and the basement in Hanafin’s Irish Pub serves as an open space for interviews. It’s where I sit with up and coming artist Craigy F for a different type of conversation.

We talk about his experiences at SXSW, 40ozBounce and his hometown of New London. He explains how his city caters to his aspirations and he gives us a tour of his old neighborhood where he talks about the dualities of the environment he was raised in.

Follow Craigy F as he takes us around his city and shares his story.