Meek Mill Thought About Quitting Music Because Of Probabtion Struggles

Meek Mill, on the heels of dropping his new single “I Don’t Know” featuring Paloma Ford, swung by the Hot 97 studios. He also spoke on an unreleased answer he had for Kendrick’s “Control” verse. After talking about his new project and how he wants to transition away from using mixtapes as the build up to his albums, talk with Ebro, Laura Stylez and Cipha Sounds got serious. “I be wanting y’all to come see this court stuff one time,” Meek said “When yall see how they be doing it… They be trying to take me under.”

Meek has been in a back and forth battle with the city of Philadelphia and their police department. Recently he lost his lawsuit against the Philly police department stemming for a 2012 incident that found him detained for nine hours. Meek detailed how the struggles with the police and probation even had him thinking of taking a time out from the music game.

“They be having me thinking crazy sometimes. I be like maybe if I stop rapping for like a year straight and don’t do nothing. Just do all business moves with this change,” he explained, “I was on probation before I was famous. It was just regular.”

In spite of all his trouble all is not bad for the Philly rapper. Meek expects his new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money to release sometime this summer.