Pete Rock talks Monumental release party clash

Pete Rock spoke yesterday about the clash between NYPD and fans at the release party for his new album with Smif N Wessun. The Urban Daily caught up with Pete fr details on the night’s proceedings.

From The Urban Daily

On Tuesday June 28, 2011 Pete Rock, Smiff-N-Wessun and hundreds of their supporters gathered at in New York’s Lower East Side to celebrate the release of their album, Monumental. The night was marred by violence when members of the NYPD used excessive force to quell what they thought was an unruly crowd. However, eyewitness testimony and cell phone video tell a very different story. Pete Rock’s wife Shara Mchayle, their daughter Jade and several other patrons suffered injuries at hands of the police. Jade was arrested and detained in handcuffs overnight for trying to protect her mother from aggressive officers.

This afternoon Pete, Shara and their attorney Kenneth Montgomery held a press conference at Manhattan Criminal Court to shed light on the events of that night and to seek justice for those involved.