Dame Dash on the Roc’s early days and having fun as a business strategy

Dame Dash is no fool. While many may not have liked Dame Dash’s methods its hard to argue with his philosophies. The 15th anniversary of release of Jay Z’s debut album found him looking back with VH1 on the Roc’s early days. (You can check the other vids here) Even in this world where everyone is screaming about how the music business has changed so drastically his words ring true. The idea of having something other than money be your primary motivation is powerful. Not being a slave to money can open avenues and keep you from making the same fatal mistakes that those that have come before you have. A few young artists may be able to learn from them. Included is the infamous clip from Backstage where he screams on Def Jam exec Kevin Liles so you can see the contrast.

Having Fun As A Business Strategy

Staying Fly And Not Faking It

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Dame Dash vs Kevin Liles