Frank The Butcher – The Butcher’s Block Ep. 19: Bun B

In this episode of Butcher’s Block TV, Frank hits Houston for the H-Town Sneaker Summit and runs into legendary rhyme slinger, Bun B, while out on the showcase floor. The highlight of the interview comes when Bun expresses the origins of the world “trill” and how he feels about people reappropriating it to build their own brands and movements. Doing his best political candidate impression, Bun explains how he had to “calm down” a vendor who was trying to sell “Trill” t-shirts at the Summit. You ain’t know Bun has a copyright on the word, homie!?

According to Frank, Bun B’s legacy “can’t just be defined by the term “rapper”. Bun is an elder-statesman and an ambassador of our culture. I haven’t met anyone quite like him. Uncle Bun is a man of integrity, a man of his word and never hesitates to show love or enlighten — and he’ll be quick to check you if needed! Blessed to call him a friend.”