DON’T SLEEP: KillerBoomBox x NE Hip Hop presents Dart Adams x Pete Rock [INTERVIEW]

After interviewing Slum Village, they got on & rocked. As a favor to those guys and the fact our families are friends going back to the old Money Earnin’ Mount Vernon days Pete Rock graciously granted us this interview when he easily could’ve just declined. The entire time we’re actually listening to Slum Village’s set and we were both eager to catch the rest of it which is why the interview ran so short in comparison to the Slum Village one. In any event, it was an honor to interview one of the dudes who inspired a kid from Boston who was hearing about his exploits second and thirdhand from my Vernonville fam plus through long distance phone calls back when phone had cords & you heard busy signals. Here’s my interview with Pete Rock, enjoy…