DJ Whoo Kid Speaks On G-Unit Reunion And How To Get A Great Interview

After sponsoring his show at Goodlife Bar in Boston last Saturday TheNEHipHop had the chance to conduct an interview with DJ Whoo Kid that is without question the most honest, blunt in your face conversation we have captured to date.

In it he starts off talking about his events with Diddy and the hilarious “fountain of youth” Diddy has discovered. Next up Whoo Kid tells how he got Young Buck into the G-Unit reunion, how he’d like to get The Game back and announces upcoming solo work with each of the individual members. From there he goes on to explain how important he finds it to be diverse not only with the music he’s involved with but also with the guest on his radio show – even going as far as to tell us never before heard trade secrets.

After explaining how he keeps his interviews interesting and gets starts to open up in a different way Whoo Kid tells why hip-hop is full of liars, how hip-hop is an illusion, how lying helped get him to where he is in his career and how he learned from Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen and Jimmy Iovine. Whoo Kid also details his use of social media, how world travel taught him the ignorance of monogamy and the nick name Chaka Khan gave him. At 18 minutes this interview flies bad as it’s incredibly entertaining. Enjoy!