The Way I See It: It’s More Than Music On Our Side


We ain’t even supposed to be here – Jay Z</strong>

As a youngster there was nothing in the world better than a crisp pair of kicks, new clothes and a fresh haircut as you head toward your locker during one of the waning days of Summer. That back to school fresh was another level of fresh. It would have you feeling like the man as you headed down those high school hallways. It was a good time to be alive.

Right now is a good time as well. It feels like the first day of school around here. You are looking at a major overhaul. Consider our new design some fresh out the box Jordan 3’s. We’ve been working hard to step up our game for you. We cleaned up our look and made it easier for you to get to the dopeness of the urban music world that you seek. Hopefully you will feel it like we do.

Khaled is right. No not about the Almond milk although that is tasty as hell. Khaled is right about “they.” In the world of urban music coverage “they” are plentiful. “They” have blinders on. “They” don’t see a history that’s beyond they’re view. “They” live in silos that allow them to rule as kings over minuscule fiefdoms. Think of it like Game Of Thrones with skinny jeans and Yeezys.

This is who we are up against. But we ain’t scared of “they.” “They” don’t see this world of beautiful Black music culture and creativity. “They” just see profit margins. For the team at KBX, its simple. If you don’t like how things are, fix them. And who the hell are we? KBX is a community of multicultural, multi-generational creators fully embracing the most current methods of storytelling to change the portrayal of our culture by telling our story, our way. So flipping this clickbait loving world of digital publishing on its head is what we are about. For all intents and purposes in a world where well funded big media is everywhere like Hydra, this ain’t no easy feat. The cards are always stacked against the rebels. But that doesn’t mean you don’t fight for what you love.

And truth be told its all about love. The root of what we do is love. A love for the music drives us. A love for the culture drives us. A love for the people drives us. Knowing that no one is going to represent the culture we love like us drives us. This is a culture and lifestyle that we come from so we understand the importance of treating it with love and respect. For our team, it’s more than music.

Our goal is to show you that, in the paraphrased words of that great American modern philosopher Dos Necklaces, we are different. Our fresh look is just the start. Soon we will be debuting new work in the form of podcasts, video series and more on the regular.

We believe in bringing our message to the people, wherever they may be. KillerBoomBox.com is our base but we use the power of social media to deliver quality to you wherever you are. And when getting great content on our site or through our social media connections is not enough, we’ll do it live with events. Building experiences for our audiences beyond the digital world will be key to creating some beautiful things.

We live during a day and time where being happy is damn near revolutionary act. All it takes is a glance at the evening news to see that. Just watch as pundits get on television and seemingly make every excuse in the world to justify senseless death. It feels like they’re trying to get us up out of here.

But the thing is we ain’t going out easy.

Enjoy the new digs. Click around and tell us what you think. Can’t wait to hear from you.