#GoingInRaw: Book to the Future #1

It has been a busy week for your Main Maine.  I’m actually starting to feel like Steve Harvey or Kevin Hart with all the work I’ve been doing lately.  The day after the world lost Chyna and His Purple Majesty, I needed some therapy.  So I sat down via Skype with my fellow black writer/father/creator/wrestling fan, Mr. Kelen Conley, Leader of the Hyphen Nation and talked out a lot of things.

After the proper Respeck was paid to both Chyna and Prince, we got down to business and booked the future of the WWE in a segment we like to call, Book to the Future.  We both come up with ideas to “make Roman look strong” and maybe earn him some of those boos he’s been hearing as of late. But I won’t spoil anything here.  Click the pic and enjoy.