Get Whit It: Dave East, Saint Motel And Latrell James Supply A New Type Of Heat


In this digital age of constant-flowing articles and music drops, it’s nearly impossible for fans to keep up with everything. Hopefully, “Get Whit It” will aid that issue. In this ongoing series, I will be providing a weekly compilation of songs, videos, albums and beyond which I discover. Not all posts will include 100% new music, videos, etc. Some may be new, some may be unreleased and some may just be plain old. In any regard, I am simply aiming to put readers onto sounds, in an effort to expand the minds of fans everywhere. #GETWHITIT.


[VIDEO] Dave East – “Still”

If you haven’t heard, Dave East is the hottest thing smoking in music today. [Ed. note East was chosen by KBX for our Bout To Blow series.] The video resembles a modern-day version of a classic Nas visual, but Dave East’s “Still” goes in a slightly different direction than the legendary Queensbridge emcee. The comparison isn’t that far-fetched when you factor in the fact that Nas recently signed him. Less gritty, but just as raw – Dave has the rare gift of being able to paint vivid pictures with his words. His detailed flow and passion for what he’s saying are perfect examples of why Dave East is a true artist. I’ve been seeing his name rise up the popularity scales for the past year or so and all the current shine he’s getting is well-deserved. Hailing from Harlem, Dave East, producer Hush Forte and director Brandon Cooklin did a beautiful job with this track. It originally released in 2014, but sharing now to get you in the right mood just in time for Summer.


[VIDEO] Saint Motel – “My Type”

I was watching RevoltTV the other night (as usual) and came across this new jam from pop band, Saint Motel. I had previously never heard of these guys or anything they’ve done but, thankfully, Revolt put them right in front of me. I love watching music videos from genres outside of Rap, simply because of how much effort goes into each one. It just feels like Rap videos today, for the most part, are struggled attempts to remain original while all end results appear the same. Then, you hop out of your Hip Hop element for a minute and find something like Saint Motel’s “My Type” and the world is right again. The actual song is amazing; extremely catchy fun-loving, bright…and catchy. Set in a 1950’s theme, the set resembles that of the scene from Brendan Fraiser’s “Blast From The Past” and sets the tone for the song as a whole. Check this out. I look forward to hearing more from this upbeat, creative crew.


[SONG] Mac Miller – “Boo”

I love Mac Miller because all of his music is hilariously dumb and awesome at the same time, similar to why I love Asher Roth. Mac dropped a new jam this week after a lengthy hiatus from the game. We knew he wasn’t NOT working, but from a fan perspective – we don’t care what he’s been up to, we just want more tunes. With a boom-bap-esque beat provided by DJ Clockwork, Mac spits some serious random flows out while clowning all the while. Classic Mac. Listen below and pray to the Frick Park God’s that more is on the way. Last I heard, he was setting up collabs with several new/underground artists including Michael Christmas and more.


[VIDEO] Latrell James – “On My Own”

Inhale, exhale – here’s another breath of fresh air from Boston’s own Latrell James. With production from Tedd Boyd and direction from Downlow Productions, Latrell sets out to erase some names from his chalkboard of life and Spring clean people and things that have been holding him back. This is a very relatable song for anyone who has felt like there was someone or something in life that was preventing them from getting to the next level of their true potential. Latrell James sets the scene for the visual in a dark place, but as it progresses, I noticed more and more light coming into each frame. Not sure if this was intentional but it was a dope addition to an already well-constructed song. Latrell James’ new project, “Twelve” is set to release on May 12.


[VIDEO] Jungle – “The Heat”

As I mentioned in the intro to this article, not all posts in this series will be brand new and not all will be Hip Hop. With that being said, Jungle IS Hip Hop…and so much more. There’s a high chance that 9/10 of the GetWhit articles will hold something from the UK super-group, who to me…are more Hip Hop than more actual rappers today. “The Heat” is one of many standout singles from Jungle’s debut album and, as with the rest, it’s visual is on another level. Simplistic is the vision and these two grown men straight slaying it on roller skates is the perfect performance to assist the mellow track. Surprisingly, an opposite of a distraction – they actually put a trance onto the listener that manages to draw even more focus to the song. See/listen for yourself and go buy the album today. Track for track, not one skip-able song. When’s the last time you copped an album like THAT?