Get Whit It: 5 Emcees That Need To Be On Your Radar


In this digital age of constant-flowing articles and music drops, it’s nearly impossible for fans to keep up with everything. Hopefully, “Get Whit It” will aid that issue. In this ongoing series, I will be providing a weekly compilation of songs, videos, albums and beyond which I discover. Not all posts will include 100% new music, videos, etc. Some may be new, some may be unreleased and some may just be plain old. In any regard, I am simply aiming to put readers onto sounds, in an effort to expand the minds of fans everywhere. #GETWHITIT.


[MUSIC VIDEO] Mega Trife – “As Much As I Do”

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING IMMEDIATELY and watch the first single/music video – “As Much As I Do” – off Mega Trife‘s upcoming album, “Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground”, below. I will be handling the marketing/PR for this project and can tell you, this will be one of the best listens of the entire Summer. If you’ve ever trusted my word before, don’t doubt it now. Share this link and spread the word, “real” Hip Hop still exists. Boston area native (Brockton, MA to be specific), MC and songwriter Mega Trife has worked with respected Hip Hop artists such as M.O.P., Termanology, Nature, Von Pea, Blu and more.

The first single from Mega Trife’s new album, “Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground”, is titled “As Much As I Do” and was produced by Massachusetts beatmaker Nazo Da Beatsmith. The track and video are both an instant throwback to golden era Hip Hop, setting the tone for what we are to expect from the rest of the project. Soulful beats and clever wordplay throughout, “Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground” may just be the perfect soundtrack for a Hip Hop head’s entire Summer. The full album, “Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground”, will be available on iTunes, Spotify and the Play Store on July 10, 2015. Watch the album trailer here.

[VIDEO] Rich Quick – “Searching For Tupac Shakur”

Philly native Rich Quick is an emcee with a passionate connection to the late Tupac Shakur and he demonstrates this in his new video, “Searching For Tupac Shakur”. If you’re involved in Hip Hop in any way, Pac has probably influenced your life several times since you entered the culture. For Rich, that influence has empowered him to take his own career to the next level, providing enlightenment and more.

Searching For Tupac Shakur explains the life of prolific Rap icon 2Pac, from his birth within the Black Panther Party throughout his rocky, yet extremely successful, music and film career up until his untimely death. Rich Quick, a life-long fan of 2Pac, delivers this biography in rhyme-form driving attention away from both the well known feud between he and The Notorious B.I.G. and the many conspiracy theories surrounding his passing.


[ALBUM] Skyzoo – “Music For My Friends”


Man, I love seeing new releases from Skyzoo, especially when they’re given out 6 days earlier than scheduled. after patiently waiting for what felt like an eternity (3 years is forever in music), Brooklyn emcee Skyzoo has released his third studio album, “Music For My Friends”. Once I saw the links flood Twitter, I hopped on immediately. With features from industry legends such as Black Thought, Bilal, Jadakiss, Saba (among others) and producers including Apollo Brown, Black Metaphor, Jahlil Beats, Thelonious Martin and !llmind – I knew instantly this one would be a keeper. Stream and purchase the album elow if this write-up tickled your fancy. If it didn’t, I’m not sure why you’ve even spent the time to read this far.

Stream/Purchase the album here.

[MUSIC VIDEO] Bodega Bamz – “The Plug (pt. 2)”

New York’s Bodega Bamz has been releasing some of the best music videos I’ve seen since he first came on my radar. I, myself, and a HUGE advocate for dope and in-depth visuals. Filmed in Mexico, the video is one filled with high energy and a move-esque format – as are most of Bodega’s videos. Complete with a Nacho Libre-type wrestling scene, Bodega’s appreciation for high quality filming and in-depth video plots make him an instant entertainer. He’s not out here dropping random videos for the sake of having them, he plans them out and executes with full force. THAT is a note all artists today should jot down. Fans and listeners notice these things. Follow the Sidewalk Exec through the streets while he handles his business.

Purchase Bodega Bamz’ “Sidewalk Exec”, today:


[MUSIC VIDEO] Token (feat. Passionate MC, Catalyst, Obvi, VI Seconds, Emoney and Flawless) – “The Hitchhikers”

If the 16 year-old emcee Token isn’t already on your radar, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do. The kid has been featured on several of the largest sites out and has a very sizable/very loving fan base. Most recognized for his fast flow, Token brings a lot more to the table than speed rapping. His music has content, humor and – most importantly, CLEVER/WITTY BARS. This element in music today, not just Hip Hop, is one that is vastly overlooked in exchange for “dope beats”. It’s a damn shame, I know. But we, the advocates for true school rapping, know where to find the heat that still exists. In his latest video, Token partnered with 6 of the sickest underground rhymesayers out to create a medley of in-depth rhyme styles. Passionate MC, Catalyst, Obvi, VI Seconds, Emoney and Flawless all handle their business beautifully on this one, jumping from scene to scene, style to style and never skipping a beat. Must see. directed by Rose Glen Entertainment, the full video is below and you can download this track here.


[MUSIC VIDEO] Joey Bada$$ – “Paper Trail$”

Gearing up for another world tour, Pro Era leader Joey Bada$$ has finally released the visuals for the lead single off his “B4.DA.$$.” album – “Paper Trail$”. With production from the legendary DJ Premier, this particular track was my personal favorite cut from the album and the most powerful one, to me, as well. It’s black and white visuals are raw and gritty, yes, but also accurate in depicting the vibe of the song itself. Money isn’t everything, but to some people it’s the only thing. I know that sounds like some corny movie quote, but once you watch this new video, you’ll understand why it’s the perfect summation. Cop the album, listen to it in its entirety and feel how Joey did here.