Get Whit It: D-Man, Mega Trife, Mr. Miranda And Chaz Defranco Keep Hip Hop Music Alive


Happy whatever day it is, y’all. Welcome to a new edition of Get Whit It where I plan on lacing you with some of the heat currently flowing through my own headphones. From Mega Trife to Ron Beatty, this compilation should be able to fit just about every type of music -listener there is, as long as they have an open mind for Hip Hop. If you like what you hear, grab a friend and jam this article down their throats. RIP SEAN PRICE. #GETWHITIT.


[MUSIC VIDEO] Ron Beatty – “Blessed”

Ron Beatty embarks on a visual journey in “Love Triangle”, a trilogy of music videos that flow together to create a suspense filled story about the possibilities of love, friendship and hatred. The second part of the trilogy entitled “Blessed” picks up where “Take Your Time” left off as Ron’s love interest, who just escaped from the controlling ways of an abusive boyfriend, can’t shake her past and the two end up in a compromising situation. “Love Triangle” will end with the third video “King In A Crown”.




Two weeks after dropping “My Time,” ShaqIsDope is back with his new single entitled “DWNTWN”. The track’s title is an abbreviation for downtown – which he’s alluding to his hometown of Downtown, Toronto. Produced by David Greene, who also has production credits for Alex Wiley, Dave East and Trinidad James, the two successfully create an anthem for all downtown residents to sing along to. The uptempo track features the Toronto native floating effortlessly over an eerie sound, combined with hard hitting, sharp 808’s and snares, while providing the dope lyricism fans have come to expect from him. “DWNTWN” is the third single off ShaqIsDope’s forthcoming project “Black Frames”, which is slated to drop this Fall. LISTEN TO THE TRACK, HERE.

[MUSIC VIDEO] Mega Trife – “Beautiful Weather”

Keeping us captivated with his steady wave of new releases, MA emcee Mega Trife returns again with the third single off of his latest album, “Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground”, which released in early July. With the versatile lyricist Andre DePriest assisting and Rashid Hadee on the production, “Beautiful Weather” is the perfect follow up to Trife’s last two drops. With its uplifting vibes, positive energy and beautiful backdrops laying the foundation for what the project represents as a whole, Trife paints listeners a picture as he basks in the beautiful weather of Los Angeles. If you like what you hear, grab the full project on www.mtrifemusic.com.


[SONG] Mr. Miranda – “Long Live The Warrior”

On April 8, 2014 the wrestling world lost an icon with the passing of The Ultimate Warrior. Arizona lyricist Mr. Miranda had always been influenced by the energy and exotic style of the Warrior, so when he passed – it hit him hard. In an effort to pay homage to the late athlete, Mr. Miranda made it a priority to create a song just for him so he could voice it all out publicly. Listen below and maybe it will ignite you to do something similar for one of your heroes.


[SONG] Silas Blak – “Manage”


Seattle’s Silas Blak unveils his new, Kjell Nelson-produced single – “Manage”, the first official single from Blak’s upcoming full-length album “Editorials (War Tunes)”. The album is slated for release this Fall via Cabin Games so be sure to keep an eye out for that as Silas’ steady song releases have all been head-nod worthy thus far. LISTEN TO THE TRACK, HERE.

[SONG] Chaz Defranco – “Torreón”

Chaz Defranco Torreón

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we’ve all been involved in a past relationship that’s weighed heavy on our hearts and in some instances, never get the opportunity to make right on it. Fortunately, that’s not the case for Montreal’s Chaz DeFranco. With his constant travels to and from Mexico in his early twenties, the Canadian songwriter meet a beautiful young woman by the name of Angela Del Rio. The two had became romantically involved with each other but sadly, the relationship came to an end.

Years later, Chaz happened to stumble across Angela online which lead to a few phone calls. That’s when he found out she had won the state pageant (which Torreón is the capital of) and was a finalist in the Miss Mexico Pageant. This is when the Canadian crooner grabbed a pen and pad and began constructing one of his best releases to date. “Torreón” serves as not only a dedication to the love Chaz lost but serves as an apology to Del Rio for his shortcomings. LISTEN TO THE TRACK, HERE.

[SONG] D-Man – “Ball Out”

D-Man - Ball Out [ARTWORK]

Fresh off acclaim with his work on the Sky High Fly Guys’ “Live…Before You Die” rapper/producer D-Man is back off hiatus and skydiving head first into a brand new extended play (EP) titled “A Life Worth Remembering”. The title itself playing off a quote from Bruce Lee (“The key to immortality is first living…a life worth remembering”) helps to show the EP’s central theme of life and both its celebrations and pitfalls. The first 1st single of #ALWR “Ball Out” showcases the flashy, more extravagant side of life and what comes with it. D-Man delivers a MONSTER of a beat w/ booming, hard hitting 808 drums and couples it with a wavy flow and deep lyricism. The track is surely a neck-breaker to be played at nothing less than high volume. LISTEN TO THE TRACK, HERE.

Be sure to visit Sky High’s website AboutSixMiles.com for more news on D-Man and the rest of Sky High and make sure to keep your eyes peeled “A Life Worth Remembering” dropping very soon.