A Day In The Life: One Man’s view of SXSW

Our guy @MusicIsForLife is a bit of a renaissance man. He has his hands in more than a few things involving the culture. Just check his email signature. This guy has more jobs than Ryan Seacreast. He took a break to give us a look at his trip to the big festival down in Texas. Check his uncut account and pics below.

SXSW was an amazing experience. its basically disney land for music fans. I felt like I won the lottery. After some mandatory radio station commitments I set out on my own to experience what the festival had to offer. I decided to go all in and try to catch a Kendrick show the first night. He was performing at the Spotify House. I had another margarita (they pour like water in Texas. Great things) and proceeded on my way. I get to the Spotify and the line looked as if Kendrick was giving out free money. Needless to say I gave up on that.

After a failed attempt to get into the highly desired Kendrick Lamar show at the Spotify House, i met up with some Boston folks for drinks at the Driskill. What up to the homie DJ Goulet. After a “is Swizz Beatz a top 50 hip-hop producer argument” and more drinks i decided it was time for more music! I decided to head over to a different showcase downtown at Club 119. The Source was sponsoring this showcase and it featured two of the artists artists I wanted to see right now, Ab-soul and Schoolboy Q.

As I get in the line for this spot, who do I bump into but the legendary music executive Clive Davis. It’s crazy to think that I was watching him on Jimmy Fallon the night before and the next day here he is less than a foot away from me. After that I immediately knew it was going to be a night full of surprises.

I proceeded in to the showcase and got a great spot towards the left side of the stage. As i sipped a Henny and Coke and waited forAb-Soul to perform, Trae Tha Truth took the stage and had a good set.

Of course the show was running late so right after Trae left the stage this old haitian man got on the stage and began tuning a guitar. i just assumed Ab-Soul was gonna do some fly shit with a guitar in the background but that wasnt the case.

5 minutes later and to much confusion Peter Rosenberg took the stage and introduced Wyclef as a surprise guest. I haven’t been a Wyclef fan since Gone Til November but everybody else went crazy so i became a victim or circumstance and surprise. lol. Any way Wyclef hit the stage and he just STARTED GOING IN! Wyclef was not playing fair. he played Ready Or Not, Fugee-La, and Killing Me Softly Back to Back!! Shit aint even right b. how could i not sing along to that? Cheating ass Wyclef. Anyway, he did a couple new songs off of his upcoming mixtape and then he closed the set with the guitar performing 911. and then Mary J. Blige came out! well not really but there was some brown skin shorty in the front row that could pass for Mary J after some Henny.

But I digress, Up next was Ab-Soul and he did a whole of two songs cause cheating-ass Wyclef took up 40 minutes of his set. But you gotta pay homage to the Fugee legend. On the second song AB-soul brought out Schoolboy Q for his set. Jay Rock made an appearance but didn’t rap. Q rocked out for like 5 songs and closed the show. After the show I ran into the homie Millyz and then the homies Tim Larew and Goodwin. Made it back to the telly shuttle just in time and called it a night.