Review: Marcela Cruz Captures Love And Heartbreak On Debut EP “Here We Go Again”

Songstress Marcela Cruz hits the nail perfectly on the head with her debut EP “Here We Go Again”. KBX last covered the music video for “Stuck On You”, a track that’s all about getting over a shitty ex so we figured that Cruz’s next project would address the challenges of choosing to stay in love or moving on to bigger and better things. “Here We Go Again” is exactly that- in only 6 songs, Cruz perfectly encapsulates the dichotomy of opening your heart up to someone…and having it broken.

“Here We Go Again” is really a project to listen to as we enter the start of cuffing season. But the EP isn’t necessarily for those of us out there who have a boo to cuddle with at the start of winter. It speaks to those of us who’ve lost in the battle of love and are enduring the cold alone. This EP speaks to all of us who’ve put our hope in love or have lost in love as well. “Here We Go Again” isn’t just dope listening material- it’s cathartic and in that way, it’s really a project about personal growth & healing. Cruz cites artists like Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera & JoJo as inspirations and we can definitely hear that in Cruz’s affinity for vocal harmonies and riffs, along with the musical production and lyrical content- all of these artists sang about heartbreak but also about the simultaneous strength and growth found in loosing love.

Each song addresses a different stages of existing in relationships. “Change of Heart” sounds like an early 2000’s R&B throwback and fits the bill for content- this track is all about those times we’ve changed our minds about falling in love. Dutch Rebelle lends her sensual lyrical flow on “Mophizzy”, a much more laid back song with some heavy drums that mirror the sexiness of the lyrics- this one is definitely the baby-maker of the EP. “No Take Backs” & “H.W.G.A” epitomize the back and forth situations with exes we’ve all been through while the hit single “Stuck On You” is an ode to all of us who just haven’t been able to move on from the past.

Listen to “Here We Go Again” below. Marcela Cruz will be performing live at the next Femme Fatale event November 10th- grab your tickets here.