WHYTRI Gets His “Snorkel On”, Dives Into Boston Music Scene

KBX always loves getting our hands on fresh talent coming up in the city of Boston and WHYTRI is definitely one of those talents. At the age of 22, WHYTRI is already starting to conquer Boston with his brand Lost Vision and now he has his sights set firmly on the music scene.

The rapper most recently dropped his single “Snorkel On”, a languid, trap infused song. The track isn’t about much more than women & sex but it doesn’t need to be- it’s infectious, bouncy and is only a portion of the wide range of sounds we can expect from the rapper and producer. To be totally honest though, “Snorkel On” doesn’t really do him justice- WHYTRI, when he performs live, is like “Goku charging a spirit bomb”.


WHYTRI talked to KBX about his music and says that it “reflects the Awkward, energetic, obnoxiousness of my personality but is (still) fun and relatable”. We can definitely see this in “Snorkel On”- the lyrics will probably make you laugh at first but you’ll be singing along by the time the track ends.

Listen to “Snorkel On” below and make sure to check out WHYTRI on SoundCloud and Twitter. If you can, catch WHYTRI live on October 28th– you don’t want to miss him going super saiyan on stage.