Treva Holmes’ New Single “Ex Txt” Is The Story of Our Lives

Maybe it’s the change in the weather but Fall and Winter always seem to be the seasons of the exes. As we head into the throes of Winter, Treva Holmes‘ new single “Ex Txt” is the titular track of our lives when we get that perennial text from somebody in our past and our whole world is shifted.

“Ex Txt” is off of Treva Holmes’ forthcoming mixtape “Sixseventeen” that drops on November 10th. “Sixseventeen” is a 12 track project that pays tribute to our city but also addresses the woes of relationships and love- we can hear this all over “Ex Txt”. Inherently emotional & evocative, this track is a trap inspired homage to all the times we’ve had to come face to face with our past, albeit through the phone. Not only did Treva write this track, he also produced it. The slow pace and spacing of the musical elements really contribute to the feelings of emptiness and loneliness conveyed in the lyrics while Treva’s fondness for vocal runs and harmonies brings a throwback love ballad feel into the mix.

Check out “Ex Txt” below and make sure to tune in on November 10th for the release of “Sixseventeen” via Soundcloud. Treva Holmes will be hosting a release party for his project (also on November 10th)- you can grab your tickets for the event here.