SuperSmashBroz Give Us More Dope Vibes With “Get Your Vibes Right Vol. 4”


Roxbury brothers Fre$co and Nomz are back at it again for the summer with their “Get Your Vibes Right” mix. This mix will be Vol. 4 for the SuperSmashBroz- Vol. 3 came out back in February and we’ve been eagerly waiting for the fourth installment in the series ever since. Luckily, the wait is now over and the duo has given us almost 90 minutes of turn up track after turn up track to bump to as the temperature in Boston keeps rising.

Like the other volumes, “Get Your Vibes Right Vol.4” features a lot of Trap or Trap-influenced songs. What can we say? Even if you don’t like Trap, it continues to push forward as the “feel good” genre in Hip Hop right now so we can see why it would be heavily featured on this mix. Of course, they’ve got some of our current favorites on there too like Drake’s “Controlla” and Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s “All The Way Up” (which was just used by Meek Mill in a diss track directed at Drake). Overall, the SuperSmashBroz give us both quality and quantity with this mix- listen to it below.