Rapsody’s highly anticipated album “Please Don’t Cry,” scheduled for release on May 17th, is generating excitement with her latest collaboration “3:AM” featuring Erykah Badu, following the success of her previous single “Stand Tall.”

“3:AM” is described as a profound exploration of Rapsody’s personal experiences and emotions. In an Instagram post, Rapsody expressed her enthusiasm for the track, proclaiming it her favorite song on the album. She also acknowledged her fans’ positive reception, stating, “And I heard you! Thank you! Happy you love it as much as I and Erykah! Music is supposed to make you feel, and that’s what we create for.”

The collaboration with Erykah Badu adds another layer of depth and soul to the track, promising a compelling listening experience for fans eagerly awaiting the album’s release. With Rapsody’s lyrical prowess and Badu’s signature style, “3:AM” is poised to resonate deeply with listeners and set the stage for the album’s debut. Stay tuned for more from Rapsody’s upcoming project as she continues to captivate audiences with her artistry and authenticity.