Listen: Rah Zen’s New Ambient Single “Tree of Life”

Want to listen to something that makes you feel like your ears took shrooms? Check out Rah Zen’s new single, “Tree of Life” off of his upcoming project, Midnight Satori, set to drop soon in April.

All (drug) jokes aside, Rah Zen is onto something uniquely different with his production style. The Boston based producer cites artists like Flying Lotus & Madlib as musical influences and you can definitely hear those ambient, ephemeral threads in Rah Zen’s work. “Tree of Life” sounds like a literal mental expansion with soft distorted vocals, wavy melodies and a solid grounding percussion line- the sounds all emote imagery of growth & awakening which is very in line with the recent Spring Equinox. This is a track to meditate to, to work to, to grow to.

Zen says of “Tree of Life” (also called Satori in Japanese) and the meaning behind the tree’s growth it that it represents an “unrestricted framework for understanding human ascension”. This track should definitely be on your “Get My Shit Together” Playlist as we slide into Spring.

Listen to “Tree of Life” below and check out the crazy visual sample to go along with it. Make sure to follow Rah Zen on SoundCloud and Instagram and keep an eye out for Midnight Satori this April!

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