Terrace Martin x Devi Dev – The SEX ep 2.0: Cease & Desist

I am WILD late on this one. Late enough for lawyers to get involved and all that. Producer/singer/rapper/saxophonist Terrace Martin linked up with Devi Dev to create the SEX EP and used an image of Kim Kardashian’s breasts (without her face) for the cover. Terrace’s project drew on all his musical background. Smooth R&B right next to Hip Hop in the most comfortable way. People loved it. Next thing you know Kimmy’s lawyers come knocking. TMZ is reporting on the mess. All is lost. Not so fast. Instead of shutting down Martin and Dev revamped it, added new boobies and rereleased it adding 5 new tracks. Snoop Dogg and Kurupt appear along with production from The Bizness. Included below is an interview with them both where they break down their working relationship and the project.


We copped from Dev’s House