Raheem DeVaughn – Jackin For Beats Vol. 2

Raheem (@368hustlers) stays with new music. Now he is back on his Other People’s Music wave. This time with his versions of hits from Kelly Rowland, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Snoop. Normally I’m not feeling the covers but Raheem has a deep enough resume that you can rock out and enjoy the fun of when he goes this route. And a couple times he beasts the originals. Good business!



01. Rhythm and Streets Intro
02. Bring It Back
03. Turn You On
04. Motivation
05. Yo Name Is (PRMMIX)
06. Raheem Speaks
07. For Your Type
08. Wet
09. Love Faces
10. Let’s Chill
11. Bidding War
12. Killen Em
13. Candy Girl
14. Bullshit
15. One More Love Song
16. 6 Foot
17. Look At Me
18. Above It
19. Outro