Pusha T brings the Fear Of God to the game

So I’m thinking that this March snow on the first day of Spring is God’s disapproval of Duke’s continued winning in the NCAA tourny. But our Lord is a forgiving God. How else can you explain your friendly neighborhood Pusher dropping the long awaited tape? After seeing him with Ye on Flex’s show, I KNEW this was going to be some extra problematic business when he saying stuff like this.

Augggh The Fear Of God’s in you motherfxckas. This art imitates my life/
Your Worldstarr Hip Hop fame based off imitation white

Eliminate the fool’s gold and imitation ice/
My music for your soul. Inspiration for your life

Every dime made in this life more disastrous/
Helped my young bxtch see her way to her bachelor’s/

While my old bxtch went back to get her Master’s/
Same graduation I was clapping in the rafters

The truth hurts every time its revealed/
Whats goes around comes around. This is life’s ferris wheel

Mic abuse to the highest degree. 50 Cent, Kanye and Rick Ross all make appearances. Guess I know what I will be doing for the next couple days. Download link and video after the jump.

Ayo K. Civil she gets props too.

DOWNLOAD HERE Pusha T – Fear Of God