Jhene Aiko “Do Better Blues Pt. 2 [Marvin’s Room]”

During a three-day stint in Centinela Hospital, Jhene Aiko (@JheneAiko) took the time out to put her spin on Drake’s “Marvin’s Room”. During a hospital stay?! That’s dedication. Jhene dropped “Do Better Blues Pt. 2” on her personal Tumblr. The track, recorded in GarageBand, is considered part deux of her “Do Better Blues”, a track off her sailing soul(s) mixtape, which dropped back in March. This is one remake you can’t be mad at. She reflects on a past relationship, the baby that almost was, and infidelity. Gotta love that someone’s admitting they can’t “do better”.

LISTEN and DOWNLOAD “Do Better Blues Pt. 2” HERE.