Clipse – We Got It For Cheap x Road Til The Casket Drops

With Clinton Sparks’ (@ClintonSparks) releasing his latest mixtape as an artist and Pusha T riding the wave of his Fear Of God, their success together is immediately brought to mind; We Got It For Cheap mixtape series. Back in 2004/2005 when Clipse were in a legal tussle with Jive over their recording fate, they linked with DJ and mixtape king Clinton Sparks. Clinton made a rep for his high energy projects that featured exclusives, remixes and sometimes total reconstructions of latest hits. Combined with ReUp’s literate and intelligent rhymes about the cocaine trade and they had the ears of the streets and the critics. Rolling Stone, and Pitchfork have all heaped accolades on the series but Vol 2 is the stand out. The formula the created on Vol 1 is perfected on 2. Joints like “Mic Check”, “Daytona 500” and “Run This Shxt” show them making industry beats all their own. Clinton’s signature drops and mixing along with ReUp’s next level cockiness on the mic had fans of true lyricism reveled in every track.

They later in 2008 dropped another edition with DJ Drama, which was strong but didnt quite has the same synergy as their work with Sparks. It was probably more beat selection than anything else that held it back for the glory of the previous joints. Drama was a great addition to the formula because he matched the “We Just Better Than You” attitude of the crew. After that they dropped they DJ’s and bounced back with Road To Til The Casket Drops and scored with another winner. But never fear true believers. During my recent interview with Pusha T (interview on the way SOON) he said that he, Malice and Ab-Liva have starting work on a new mixtape entitled “Long Live The Caine”. In the meantime here is a chance to relive the raw. And for the uninitiated GET FAMILIAR!

DOWNLOAD HERE We Got It For Cheap Vol. 1

DOWNLOAD HERE We Got It For Cheap Vol. 2

DOWNLOAD HERE We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3

DOWNLOAD HERE Road To Til The Casket Drops