Amanda Diva – “Manchild” (Produced by Ski Beatz)

Amanda Diva – Manchild

Aight so Amanda Diva (@AmandaDiva) got TOUGH one with this. This is what I am talking about around here! With production by Ski Beatz, one of the major architects of Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt, “Manchild” is the perfect synergy of her singing and rapping. And this is her doing it at her best. By far the best record I have heard from her. Thought provoking and smooth, “Manchild” talks about cats who strive to maintain an extended adolescence.

I been rocking with her since she was on Sirius and hosting on MTV. And I BEEN saying she should have a reality show to save us from the Flavor Of Love spinoffs. (Actually I suggested her, Shade 45’s Angela Yee & Sharon Carpenter from BET). The former Def Poet finally has Techinicolor Lover on Dame Dash’s CreativeControl. Poet, Actress, Author, Painter, MC and regular VH1 talking head. The girl can sing, rap, dance in just one show.

Smart, pretty, Columbia Master’s degree in African American culture and she got NUFF JOKES? I just might have fell in love a little bit on a Saturday morning.

Shouts to OnSmash for the connect!