Amandi Music & Kazi ‘Own It’ With Their New Single

Screenshot 2016-08-26 15.45.56

The last time we heard from singer/songwriter Amandi Music and producer Kazi was at the beginning of the summertime when they dropped their fire single “Do It”. The only complaint KBX had about “Do It” was that we wished it was longer and that we hoped the two would give us more soon- our music prayers were heard because now the Boston based duo are back at it with the perfect hit to start off the new season. If this new track is any indicator of what we can expect from Amandi x Kazi, KBX can’t wait for more (can we hope for an EP?).

The only word to aptly describe “I Own It”, once the kick drops and the claps start, is explosive. Like “Do It”, “I Own It” explores the classic R&B tropes like sex and love- the track is filled with those sexy metaphors we love to hear in R&B like “exploring your galaxy/ the biggest dipper” and “no matter the distance/ just show me to your entrance”. Ladies, this track may just make you a little lightheaded.


We get another full dose of Amandi’s vocal range and his penchant for complex harmonies that add depth and color to the track. Kazi is a Shaolin master when it comes to crafting beats and “I Own It” is just another example of his talent. Every choice, from the synths to the strings to the deep gritty bass, take us through a cosmic aural landscape, perfectly complimenting Amandi’s lyrics about galaxies, travel, love and sex.

KBX is loving what comes out of this duo when they team up- they’re the perfect example of the greatness that comes out of a close working relationship between producers & artists. The music is carefully crafted and it shows in the end result. In a time where we hear a lot of vocals laid over mass produced beats, “I Own It” is a another refreshing reminder that great & original R&B is well and alive.

Listen to “I Own It” below and make sure to follow both Amandi and Kazi on their respective Soundcloud pages.