The World According to G. Valentino Ball Part Deux


Daniel Laurent, host of Masterpiece Radio, had me back on the show again to wax poetic about a variety of pop culture topics. Goooood times. Talked about everything from love in the craziness of today’s world to how each generation get the MC’s they deserve to how Bill Gates has “Block Mentality”. Also I spent a good part of the time trying to not get caught up in DL’s wild talk. “SNATCH!!!” This guy is the KING of loose talk. HA!

We’re back at it! Someone let him out to address ANY and ALL questions asked by yours truly! I made Greg take an oath before we started to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. Hear his views on love, Tyler Perry, Boston affairs, work ethics and MORE! If you know Greg, this is nothing new, but if you happen to take a power nap under a rock and never crossed paths, this is your introduction!

– Daniel Laurent

Masterpiece Radio – The World According To G. Valentino Ball Part 2