Overindulgence of Social Media on Georgette Pierre Radio

Due to social media, our attention spans have become shorter and communication reduced to 140 characters, facebook wall posts, emails, and text messages. It makes me wonder does anyone crave human interaction anymore?   Has talking on the phone or seeing someone in person become obsolete? Are these new forms here to stay? Hear what my guests had to say about the evolution of communication, how it affects our personal/romantic relationships, and the privacy issues associated with it. Listen to the show here.

Keep up with my guests Aaron Anson, Barbara Riley, and Shaunathn at the links provided. Also check out the article from the Huffington Post that discussed the Facebook/FTC settlement I referenced on my show.

Do you feel like your knee deep in social media? Are you able to find a balance between communicating via the social web and maintaining meaningful relationships? Weigh in and let us know.