Is Chivalry Dead? on Georgette Pierre Radio

With the younger generation being ushered in and traditional ways seemingly being ushered out, it’s hard to think that one would expect being talked to or treated a certain way until now.

The topic of chivalry and societal expectations of how men should treat women has been distorted and the lack thereof has become all too commonplace. With contradicting images of women being disrespected and misogynistic lyrics ringing loud in speaker boxes everywhere, is it a surprise that some women accept less than what they deserve? Or men treating women less than what they want to put effort into?

From various conversations with guy and girl friends, I would hear a range of views on what happened to chivalry in our day and age.  Most women think chivalry is dead. Some men beg to differ citing women are partially to blame for that. But are they? Having experienced both the disrespect and the utmost respect, I thought this conversation would be interesting to say the least.

Ranging from the super, chivalrous gentleman to the man who does it sometimes, to the woman who has her expectations already set, my guests weigh in on their individual experiences and current societal views of chivalry as they seek to answer the often debatable question, “is chivalry dead?”

Listen to the episode here.