Slow Jams & Black Hoodie Music populate the latest Joints I’m Feelin’

Time to pull the sweaters and hoodies from the closet as the last days of summer are gone. But the season changing hasn’t changed our mission to bring you the best in music. Key word: Best. Not the loudest, most marketed or talked about. Best.

Sure there are superstars on here but I also have a couple of people you aint never heard of before and might never hear from again. That’s the beauty of music discovery.

The latest edition of the JIF playlist goes from the head knock of Termanology’s collaboration with the late great Kay Slay to the gangsta heartbreak of Reaction Band’s go-go. You’re going to dance. You’re going to zone out. You’re going to smile. Why? Because. This is about the vibe.

Jump into the fray below.