#KBXSelect Vol. 28 Says We are Magical and Real

KBXSelect 28

To quote Jean Grae “It is amazing and beautiful and magic to be in this Black body. And it is terrifying and exhausting. Fxcking exhausting. Shit. SHIT.”

This week has been a tough one. Many of us have watched helplessly from the sidelines as men and women who look like us (or like the people we love) as they have been senselessly murdered by people who are paid to protect and serve.

On top of dealing with the trauma of recent events (which we are all too familiar with), and dealing with the stress of what it is normally like to be a person of color in America, many of us are towing a line between educating others and asserting our own humanity. It is exhausting to deal with people who try to justify the actions of rogue and racist cops, having to play respectability politics, explaining how black on black crime is not only not a thing, but no justification for being murdered, or just… dealing with deafening silence from supposed “allies”.

In these times, I implore all that are affected to practice self care. Disconnect from the news, and especially social media. Call your loved ones. Take a walk and get some fresh air. Listen to some music.

This week’s list starts off with two different takes on recent events. Nesby Phips’ “Black Man 4 $ale” speaks to the frustration and impotent anger that many of us feel. Patrick Paige (of The Internet fame) offers up a more somber and melancholy track with “(For) Souls I Never Knew”.

I promise it’s not all depressing. Check out Miguel’s “Come Through And Chill” (don’t forget the Netflix) and “Other Side Of The Game” where Big Krit flips a Badu classic. If you are looking for something a bit tougher, both Skyzoo “Friend Or Foe Pt. 3” and Dave East/G.Herbo “Do It For” offer up bangers.

E-hugs and real love to all my peoples out there. Check in, let us know you are out there, using hashtag #KBXSelect.


01. Nesby Phips (@nesbyphips) X Mike Floss — Bang by Black Man 4 $ale [Prod. Dj Fu]
02. Patrick Paige II (@patrickpaigeii) — (Tears For) Souls I Never Knew
03. Mani Draper @fr33mani (ft. Rexx Life Raj) — Dream On
04. Aaron Cohen @aaroncohenmusic (ft. Yung Joey, GODBODYWATI & Mecca Shabazz) — More Than That [Prod. Kemal]
05. Jamila Woods @jamilawoods (ft. Chance The Rapper @chancetherapper) — LSD [Prod. oddCouple]
06. Glenn Travis (@glenntravis_) — Want The Same [Prod. Slikk]
07. Dave East (@daveeast) & G Herbo (@nolimitherbo) — “Do It For” [Prod. Black Metaphor]
08. KArSLEN @karslen_adyx (ft. Tertia May @tertiamaymusic) — Let Me Go
09. Skyzoo (@skyzoothewriter) — Friend Or Foe Pt. 3
10. Pell (@pellyeah) — Basic Beach [Prod. Like Minds]
11. Aaron Cohen @aaroncohenmusic (feat. ABGOHARD & Mecca Shabazz) — Arrival [Prod. Kemal]
12. BIGKRIT (@bigkrit) — [XI/XII] Other Side Of The Game
13. Suicideyear (@suicideyear) x Chynna (@chizzyano) x Da$h (@HeirDash) — Bat Country
14. Tom Misch (@tommisch) — I Wish
15. nahhg @nahhmyg (ft. Yungest @yuungest) — before we had sex
16. Choosey (@kingchoosey) — Sundress [Prod. Abjo x Exile]
17. Lou Phelps (@loupeez) — TELL ME
18. Henry Canyons @henrycanyons (ft. Zoe Rose) — Music Man [Prod. Keor Meteor]
19. Miguel (@miguel) — Come Through And Chill [Prod. Salaam Remi]
20. Miguel (@miguel) — How Many ruff 1
21. Prano (@prano) — D.D.A Freestyle
22. Prano @prano (ft. Brandon Tory) — Trust Me [Prod. Law]