#KBXSelect Vol. 27 Celebrates Independence From Shitty Music

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Long weekends in Boston usually mean club nights. And this past July 4th weekend, I just happened to be out and about at a spot celebrating with some friends.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but I’m super awkward, especially around people I don’t know. And if the other person is a celebrity, my awkwardness is amplified.

For example, one time I met Van Hunt and while getting his autograph I’m pretty sure I offered to have his babies. I had the chance to meet Bilal last year and had to be convinced (by him nonetheless) to even come over and say hi, as opposed to staring at him across the room.

So last night I’m at the club, as per usual sipping and minding my business. It’s hot as hell in there and packed, so I roll up to the bar to get something to wipe my forehead.

I walk over and see a familiar face. He seems like he’s keeping low key and is just trying to get his drink. But he’s standing between me and the bar. I tap him on his shoulder and the only thing I can think of is to ask him to pass me some napkins. As he hands them to me I ask if he’s Michael Christmas and he says yes. I think I shook his hand, I was a few drinks in at that point. As he turns back around, I awkwardly blurt out “I like your music…”

Sigh. If I had to do it all over again I would have at least told him that his hair is luxurious. I would’ve put my hands in it too but I think that would’ve made things even weirder.

I am really digging this week’s list. We have 23 dope new tracks for you to check out (including one by Michael Christmas!).

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. let me know what you think using hashtag #KBXSelect.

01. BadandBlue (@badxblue) — Sea Salt
02. Ladi6 (@ladiwho) — Beffy
03. C-RIS (@iamonlychris) — Eat [Prod. C-RIS]
04. Skratch Bastid @skratchbastid (ft. Shad @shadkmusic) — Limoncello
05. Nick Moods @moods.music (ft. Sam Wills @samwillsmusic) — How I Feel
06. Penthouse Penthouse (@penthousepenthouse) & Bobby Saint (@bobbysaint_) — Upload
07. brotherKAMAU @brotherkamau (ft. No Wyld @nowyld, Lion Babe @lionbabe) — JUSFAYU Remix [Prod. Astro Raw]
08. Kola Loc @kolasokold (ft. Techniec @techniec, Jmo) — Slow it down
09. The Bodega Brovas @bodegabrovas (ft. Jean Grae @jeanniegrigio) — Meat Cleaver
10. Richie Quake (@thankyourichiequake) — Sweettalk
11. Ben Beal (@benbeal1) — Shipwrecked [Prod. Beatboxbandit]
12. aboveDat @abovedat (ft. Jesse Boykins III @jesseboykins3rd)— Dance On
13. ROM (@romderful) — don’t want no one else
14. Lex One (@lexonegtps) — I’m Sorry
15. Loona Dae @loonadae (ft. Ora) — Die 4 U [Prod. Loona Dae]
16. Fudge (Prefuse 73 @prefuseseventy3 & Michael Christmas @michaelchristmas) ft. Alex Mali (@mainlymali/) — In My Shoes
17. raveena (@raveenaaurora) — Johnny It’s The Last Time
18. denitiaandsene (@denitiaandsene) — olive.
19. Daye Jack (@itsdayejack) — Raw
20. DAVE B (@davebspacedot) — Help Me Find A Way [Prod. Sango]
21. theMIND {ThemPeople} @themindmusic (ft. Noname @nonamehiding) — Only The Beginning
22. Smino (@SminoBrown) w/ Jean Deaux (@thatsjeandeaux) — Lemon Pon Goose [Prod. Sango]
23. Chico Mann (@chicomann) + Captain Planet (@chuckwild) — Como Me Miras